Thursday, 28 August 2008

Taking the Bus to Delphi from Athens

Plese note: The above could change without warning-Taken as a guide only

There is a bus X93 connecting the Airport (door 5) with the bus terminal at Kiffissou street and the Liossion Street terminal. The interval is generally 35 minutes (65 at night) . Terminal B is actually on Ag Dimitriou Aplon Street which runs parallel to Liosson Street. To get to the terminal itself after you get off the bus, turn right onto Yousiou and you will see the terminal at the end of the street.

In other words, ask for LIOSSION BUS STATION

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Jyckie said...

Vos articles sont très interessants.
Amicales pensées de FRance.

A said...

My French is awful, you are saying "Our articles are very interesting"? Thank you
(we are just in the begining..)