Thursday, 28 August 2008

Transportation to Delphi

Venizelos Airport --> Athens (35Km approx)

Basically you have 2 cheap options get to Athens center once you landed in Venizelos. Either take the Subway, or by public bus(es).


It might be a little bit confusing, with the changes you have to make, so it is better to take a bus. Please note that the last train to Athens is on 23:39, so if arriving near this time you can forget it.

Airport Bus (ticket= €3.20/person)

If you are heading to Delphi directly, catch the BUS NUMBER X93 and get out to stop named "Stathmos LIOSION". There you have it, you are to the Bus station!! For the Routes, see the relevant posting at the top of the blog!

BTW, Greek fonts!

Athens --> Delphi (180Km approx)
  • Buses to Delphi

See the posting at the top of the blog.

The trip takes about three hours and will cost around €14 (2008)

  • Rent a Taxi Driver

Most travel agents offer tours to Delphi which are fine if you like tours, the problem being if you are adventerous or irritated by the slow pace, since a tour can only go as quickly as its slowest member. Many people combine Delphi with Meteora for a two-day trip.

  • Renting a Car


  • Tours to Delphi

Many travel agencies in Greece include Delphi in their organized land tours. It is included in the three and four day classical tour and also as an overnight trip with Meteora. It can also be done as a day trip.The bus picks you up at your hotel in the morning and drops you off after the tour (unless your hotel is nowhere near the route the bus takes).

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